Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Good Foods for Lung Health

A part of a home remedy to detox lungs is a change of diet to incorporate a few extra foodstuffs that have been proven to really help in fighting tar and mucus along with invigorating your health all over!

Here is a quick list of what should be in your shopping basket if you are worried about the state of your lungs.
  • Water - While you don't need to by water having a water purifier dose help. Drinking lots of water helps hydrate yourself and the body will flush out old stale fluids with toxins in it for newer fresher water.
  • Garlic - Also onions and Ginger are very good for lung health and detoxification
  • Rosemary - Helps open up the bronchial tubes and is good for clearing mucus
  • Alkaline Foods - Keeping your body slightly in the Alkaline side of PH neutral has been found to deliver many health benefits which boost your immune system. Click here to find out more on this.
  • Green Tea - Green tea is full of antioxidants which should be included in any sort of detox
Thre are also some things you want to stay away from:
  • Dairy foods - Milk, cheese, cream and so on cause mucus which is not good for your lung health and breathing.
  • Corn Wheat & Soy - Can all cause mucus as well and should be eaten in moderation
  • Processed food - The additives in these foods are not healthy and can cause mucus building that drains fluid and toxins into the lungs.
For more on how to clean out your lungs click below.


  1. what about weak lung ? any foods that improved lung

    1. look into peak 8 physical training.. will get work your heat and lungs to the point of re-building lung size :)

    2. vitamin c like tomatoes, citrus fruits, tumeric, mangosteen.
      stay away from pollutants. eat more fruits and vege. eat less meat and fats.
      less salt, less fats, and less sugar.

    3. I've also been told by alternative medicine professionals (naturalists) that carrots, and ESPECIALLY carrot juice helps clean and protect the lungs - if you are quitting smoking, its recommended that you drink at least a quart of carrot juice daily for several months. It should be the first food you consume in the mornings, before coffee, etc. Also, make sure to increase water intake - up to a gallon per day, if you can. Half a gallon minimum if you cant. All other fresh fruits and vegetables are good, too. All fruits and vegetables are nature's medicine. Blueberries, strawberries, and any kind of berries are great. Eat them daily. Kelp, spinach, dandelion greens. Just make sure to wash well. I put mine in a blender and make smoothies every day from them. Also, a cup of combined raw onions, garlic, and mushrooms have huge health benefits all around. I wish this country and the world would start thinking of food and diet as nature's natural medicine and quit those nasty sodas, junk foods, fast foods, and fried foods. I did this for 9 months now and feel so much better than I ever did in my life! Also, I quit smoking (although still using ecigs, but its better than regular cigs), and eat berries and carrot juice (as well as other fruits and vegetables) every day. Just try it, you will be amazed how much better you feel in a month, your skin will glow after about 3 months, and your body will definitely let you know its doing much better! Good luck to all those who are seeking to quit smoking and other bad habits, and going back to nature's basic natural foods.

  2. This was a nice post about Good food for the lung. Healthy food means healthy body. It is important that people are aware of the foods that they put in their mouth. This list of foods will help them to know the right food to eat and not to eat. Foods like these will help in detoxification process.

  3. Great tip on lung health! Taking care of your lungs is just equally as important as taking care of every part of your body. Thanks a lot!

  4. Thanks guys! Glad you liked this post about foods for lung detoxification!

  5. dont know what jo,s problem is .nice post anyway.

  6. We just found out that we had a very large amount of mold on the insulation in our furnace. The service tech said that it's probably been growing there a long time--for as much as there was. (We built this house 14 years ago.) So this mold, in our ventilation system, had been transferred throughout our whole house, for who knows how long. Of course the insulation has been replaced, but what do we do about the health of our lungs that have a lot of exposure to this? (My husband and I are in our 40's. Our son is 20. We have no symptoms of mold exposure, surprisingly.)
    And to add to that, we found out not too many years ago that we had high radon in this house. We installed a radon mitigation system, but I'm sure we have lung damage because of the radon also. Especially our son, whom played in the basement a lot when he was younger.
    Any ideas on detoxifying, especially after the mold exposure?