Wednesday, September 2, 2009

How Long to Get Cigarette Tar to Out of the Lungs?

Getting cigarette tar out of the lungs is a process that does happen naturally but how long this actually takes is a matter of debate amongst many people.

The reason for this perhaps is that it depend on how long you have smoked for, how heavy a smoker you were and if during this time you took any steps to clean out your lungs and exercise them too.

If you are or were a light smoker and have not been smoking too long and lead a healthy lifestyle you may still be in for a few years wait while your body cleans up your lungs. If you are a heavy smoker or have been for a long time then this can become a lot worse with up to 20 years of your body struggling to overcome those polluted lungs.

As you can see tar is an awful substance that the body has a very difficult time dealing with.

While your lungs are still coated with tar you can have many problems including lung cancer, emphysema and Bronchitis so if your body takes a long time to get rid of this tar you have more chance of suffering some horrendous health problems.

A Lung Detox will help your body speed this tar removal time up exponentially however so you can breathe easier and know you have cut your chances of lung disease by a huge amount.


  1. my dad smoked since he was 18yrs old. maybe the younger you smoke, the more likely you are to acquire lung diseases.

  2. think its a combination of things to many fags over time bad diet no exercise all together = the big C