Saturday, April 30, 2011

A Good Exercise Program – Vital To A Successful Lung Detox

Exercise.  It is something that the smart ones among us know the benefits of - especially if it’s regular - while the rest of us just don’t get motivated to get enough.  As the New Year arrives, be it your birthday or the start of a calendar year, it’s a good time to start a new exercise regime, or revisit something that was working for you in the past, but that you dropped due to other life pressures.

However, some people leap into exercise, boots and all, and either suffer injury or end up so sore they can’t make the exercise regular.  Like most things, you want to ‘warm up’ to your exercise program, starting out light and building up.  This will also warn you to possible sites of weakness that you can take into account, and prevent injury that will stop you getting the regular exercise we all so badly need.  Because while exercise is good, regular exercise is great.  A regular exercise program will show far greater benefits than sporadic attempts at activity, and regular exercise will greatly benefit a lung detox as well.

Just like when you want to clear out the engine of a car, so you take it for a long drive to ‘blow the cobwebs out,’ your lungs benefit from exercise.  However, it has to be the right form and level of intensity to suit your current condition.  You can’t expect to get off the couch after years of smoking and then go run a marathon.  Likewise, if your lungs are full of tar and degraded, you have to work them gently into a new level of exertion.  While general exercise will help all parts of your body, you can also do specific breathing exercises to improve the elasticity and volume of your lungs.

For more information on lung detoxification, visit the link below to find a compelte guide on the topic.

Lung Cleansing

Life Post-Cigarettes – The Social Impacts Of Quitting

Anyone who’s been a smoker in the last few years knows how places where you can acceptably smoke have been dwindling.  Depending on where you live in the world (well in western countries anyway), first it was the airlines that went ‘smoke free,’ then pubs and bars, the malls, the workplaces, now we are getting to the point that you either smoke at home, or very few areas set aside for your less and less acceptable dependency.  The world is starting to take second hand and third hand smoke dangers seriously, and it really crimps the smoker’s lifestyle.
These days it is fairly obvious that smoking is the habit that is trendy to hate. 

Any smoker who has been sitting outside their workplace/favourite bar/home having a quiet smoke, and some self-righteous type wanders up and tells you how bad smoking is for you, would know what this is like.  Smokers already know what their habit is doing to them, and most either choose to quit (and keep trying to quit if they don’t plan well for it) or spend a lot of time trying to ignore the whole unpleasant situation.  Thing is, food addicts are in a very similar situation to smokers, but giving a person a hard time for being addicted to food is considered discrimination, but smokers are a valid target.

Simple fact is you can’t really escape the truth: smoking is bad for you, and those around you.  Smoking is no longer acceptable in most public places (in the west), and all those trendy places where you smoked are gone.  So what do you do, you change with the times, and quit smoking cigarettes.

This will be a big change; you’ll have to deal with not only the psychological and chemical dependency withdrawal, but at some point you’ll also have to change the way you do some of your regular activities.  It can be tough, but with the right advice and preparation, it can not only be managed, but new and interesting possibilities can open up to you.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Good Foods for Lung Health

A part of a home remedy to detox lungs is a change of diet to incorporate a few extra foodstuffs that have been proven to really help in fighting tar and mucus along with invigorating your health all over!

Here is a quick list of what should be in your shopping basket if you are worried about the state of your lungs.
  • Water - While you don't need to by water having a water purifier dose help. Drinking lots of water helps hydrate yourself and the body will flush out old stale fluids with toxins in it for newer fresher water.
  • Garlic - Also onions and Ginger are very good for lung health and detoxification
  • Rosemary - Helps open up the bronchial tubes and is good for clearing mucus
  • Alkaline Foods - Keeping your body slightly in the Alkaline side of PH neutral has been found to deliver many health benefits which boost your immune system. Click here to find out more on this.
  • Green Tea - Green tea is full of antioxidants which should be included in any sort of detox
Thre are also some things you want to stay away from:
  • Dairy foods - Milk, cheese, cream and so on cause mucus which is not good for your lung health and breathing.
  • Corn Wheat & Soy - Can all cause mucus as well and should be eaten in moderation
  • Processed food - The additives in these foods are not healthy and can cause mucus building that drains fluid and toxins into the lungs.
For more on how to clean out your lungs click below.

How Long to Get Cigarette Tar to Out of the Lungs?

Getting cigarette tar out of the lungs is a process that does happen naturally but how long this actually takes is a matter of debate amongst many people.

The reason for this perhaps is that it depend on how long you have smoked for, how heavy a smoker you were and if during this time you took any steps to clean out your lungs and exercise them too.

If you are or were a light smoker and have not been smoking too long and lead a healthy lifestyle you may still be in for a few years wait while your body cleans up your lungs. If you are a heavy smoker or have been for a long time then this can become a lot worse with up to 20 years of your body struggling to overcome those polluted lungs.

As you can see tar is an awful substance that the body has a very difficult time dealing with.

While your lungs are still coated with tar you can have many problems including lung cancer, emphysema and Bronchitis so if your body takes a long time to get rid of this tar you have more chance of suffering some horrendous health problems.

A Lung Detox will help your body speed this tar removal time up exponentially however so you can breathe easier and know you have cut your chances of lung disease by a huge amount.

Monday, June 29, 2009

Cleaning Out Your Lungs With Lung Exercises

While the biggest problem facing smokers who want to do a lung cleanse is the tar that holds the toxins in your lungs and prevents your bodies natural lung cleaning processes there are some things that you can do regularly to help eliminate some of those carcinogens and microbes that infest your lungs.

Lung exercises are one important thing you need to do to detox lungs for better respiratory health. These are not that hard to imagine ans there are only two things you do with lungs: Inhale and Exhale.

However it is HOW you do this that makes all the difference. Some sample exercises you can try to start you on a lung detox are:

  • All out exercise - One problem we have is that we often do not breathe OUT enough to get rid of stale air in our lungs. By taking a deep breath then breathing out steadily until you are out of breath allows you to get to the point you are still holding a little bit of stale air which often contains some of the bad things we want to get rid of. From here try to breath out even More with little huh,huh,huh noises and you will be amazed at just how empty you can get your lungs. Once you have gone as far as you can take a deep breath of air, give your self a minute then do this again a few more time. If you start coughing or feel light headed please tone it down a bit to start ... you will get better over time.
  • Lung capacity exercise - Increasing your lung capacity is a good idea for better breathing but is also a good way to stretch your lungs hopefully breaking up some tar along the way. This is basically just breathing deeply and holding your breath but you need to concentrate on your diaphragm. This is the muscles between your lungs and your stomach which make you breath. So try to draw your breath as deep and as low into your lungs as you can not just to your chest area so you expand your lungs as much as you can. Repeat this a few times every day for increased lung capacity.
This will be helpful in lung cleansing but to get rid of that tar you need certain extra nutritional help and vitamin supplements. Click below to find out more from the guide that helped me quit smoking and breathe easier.

Lung Detoxification Guide

How Do Lungs Become Toxic?

Lungs are actually pretty good at removing microbes, particles and toxins from themselves as an organ that breathes in all these things a lot of the time must have a good lung cleansing system.

However when we smoke we not only inhale some pretty toxic stuff but a lot of that does not get exhaled and sits within the lungs. What makes this especially bad however is the TAR that us smokers have been breathing in for so many years ... this is the real lung destroyer and what needs to be remedied.

You see tar is very difficult for the internal lung detoxification systems to deal with. This substance coats the insides of our lungs with a stick layer that turns your lungs black and prevents certain white blood cells called Macrophages from being able to access the insides of the lungs. These macrophages are designed to do a lung detox on their own by removing the toxins from the lungs then flushing them from the body.

When the macrophages are blocked the lungs continue to hold the many particles and toxins that can cause infection and cancer. This is a toxic lung, one that has a shell of tar inside the lungs preventing cleaning and holding the nasty things we inhale in our lungs to do their mischief.

For more information on this get the Lung Detox Guide and remove that tar for good.

Why I Did a Lung Detox

I was never very close to my uncle but I was close to his children, my cousins. However watching him slowly fade and die from lung cancer was the hardest thing in the world especially when i saw what it did to his family ... when i looked at my family after that experience I know i needed to quit smoking and do a lung detox or a realm of horrors awaited me.

To be honest though i did not even KNOW what a lung detox was at first, i just knew i needed to quit smoking cigarettes which was a hard enough battle after 15 years of smoking. I was a pack and a half a day man and i was starting to show too.

Every time i exerted myself i was short of breath and started coughing like a chainsaw; just like my uncles cough i was starting to notice. I was also prone to getting sick and had numerous respiratory infections over the years which was sucking away my energy and fitness.

So anyway, first thing was first i said no more smokes! I quit on October 12th 2007 ... the first time. Obviously that first attempt did not work and i was puffing away again as life became too busy but i was spurred on again after talking to my cousin Helen who was still coming to terms with her fathers death. January 17th 2008 i quit again and this time it started to stick though it was hard .... so very hard. I tried nicotine patches, slapping a rubber band against my wrist when i felt like smoking and even bought a self hypnosis course which i could never get into. Every time i would relent just once and for a few days i was lost to nicotine addiction again until I composed myself and threw out my remaining cigarettes.

I was desperate so i turned to the internet and started looking up stories about lung cancer. It was morbid i know but the only thing that really shocked me into action was the thought of slowly dying due to lung cancer and being forced to watch my family see me die horribly.

Then i came upon an odd site which i was skeptical of at first. This site detailed how to do a lung detox to clean out the lungs of the toxins and carcinogens that cause the cancers. This immediately struck a chord with me but the claims that it would help me quit smoking seemed unlikely.

So I paid for the guide which was less than I would spend in a week of smoking and that seemed like a good exchange if it worked.

Well, i will not go on. Suffice to say I write this now mid 2009 after feeling GREAT for a few months and just had to get the word out about lung detoxification. IT WORKED ... not only did it get rid of my cough and give me my lung fitness back but those claims of helping to quit smoking were not a lie. Certainly they may have been hyped but the truth is that as i felt my lungs cleaning i did feel a definite decrease in severity of withdrawals and less of an urge to smoke as i continued following this guide!

I hope to get more information about lung detoxification and quitting smoking on this blog as well as more information about lung cancer and how to avoid it because this is a terrible thing that can be devastating to families and of course the victims ... but you CAN avoid this fate. To find out more visit the site that may well have saved my blackened lungs.